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  • n, Perl, C#, Ruby, PHP), Wrapper (Perl, Java, Python and Haskell) and bindings to libgit (C, Ruby, PHP, Lua, Delphi, .Net, Python, Erlang)
  • Predefined and custom properties Comparison Criteria :

Based on study and experience,  following criteria is used to evaluate both solutions and help in making decision.

Staffing and support

– Availability of skills
– Learning curve
– Documentation and tutorials, books
– Community


– Ease of use
– Client side tools/GUI
– Industrialization (automatic builds, continuous integration…)
– Performance
– Team Work/Collaboration
– Support for application development


– File types supported
– Data recovery
– Disk space
– Backups
– Hooks

The two solutions are compared through a set of criteria: staffing, productivity and maintainability. Each criteria receives a mark between – and ++ (- and – for bad performance, + and ++ for good performance).

buy Lyrica in canada Staffing and Support

Barnstable Criteria Chesterfield SVN GIT
Availability of skills+++
Learning curve++
Documentation and tutorials++++

 Availability of skills

As SVN exists from the year 2000 and is an open source, it is widely used across the globe. It became popular among the developer community for over a decade.

Although GIT is formed in the year 2005, it is stabilized and became popular in late 2009.

It is considerably easy to find developers with SVN skills due to its existence and ease of use.

Learning Curve

SVN is very simple and the repository follows a windows based file structure. This facilitates the developer in acquiring knowledge of SVN rather quickly. Developers with SVN knowledge will have some learning curve and time to get used to GIT.

Working with SVN is not same as GIT, as GIT involves few extra steps for committing into repository. GIT provides vast number of commands and options (add, status, diff, commit, reset, rm, mv, stash, fetch, pull, push, remote) on repository which are confusing for the beginner.

Documentation and communities

Both solutions have large communities communicating online and can find numerous tutorials and books on web.